Journey's End Klawer: “REWALK the New Journey"




Journey’s End is a piece of land in extent of 4,78 hectares, now registered as a non-profit organisation (NPO 115-400), and situated on the banks of the Olifantsriver and against the backdrop of the “Gifberg” in the small rural community of Klawer. This property has a very rich family history of which community local Hendrik Boks, 83 years old, is still living testimony as he worked on the land and was baptised in the very same Olifantsriver in 1979. The land has the most beautiful view of the valley and the most beautiful indigenous and naturally decorated stones are everywhere on the land.


However, the land has been left to ruins stone and thorns for decades and is today not even a glimpse of its former self, as can be seen from the precious photographs and nostalgic stories by people who once knew this place. During March 2012, our team visited Journey’s End for the first time. The purpose for this meeting was to establish and to hear from God if this land was to be consecrated and used for His kingdom.


We enjoyed an incredible time together with Gerty Visser (Land owner from Gordon’s Bay), Elizabeth Kruger (Gerty’s lifelong friend, Pretoria) and Marchand & Sharon Du Plessis (Pretoria) and part of the “Jesus in Action” (JIA) team (Brackenfell). The one common factor that brought is together is without a doubt our love for Jesus Christ and off course His love for us first. We all shared testimonies and confirmations from God through His word, dreams and answer to prayers on the future of Journey’s End.


During the weekend we prayed together and walked in prayer over the land. We have great peace of mind and a real expectation for the future of Journey’s End. Some of the scriptures shared during the weekend were: Romans 11:33-36; Ezra 1:2-3; Isaiah 55:10-; Isaiah 61; and Isaiah 28:21, 1 Chronicles 28:20-21 and 1 Chronicles 29:5.


We praise God for doing such a wonderful work in Gerty Visser’s life and during 2012 she obeyed the call to dedicate her family land, Journey’s End, for Kingdom work in Klawer and to serve and stir up the community. She will retain a right of living on the property whilst the organisation has secured full rights to start utilizing the land for the Journey’s End objectives with immediate effect. The Du Plessis Family decided to sow a love seed in the Kingdom of God to finance the acquisition of the property for Journey’s End as non-profitable organisation. JiA is a Christian movement that has partnered with and endeavours to develop Journey’s End over a period of time under the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ. JiA will work alongside the Klawer Christian Community Network and other Christian organisations / ministries under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


“REWALK the new Journey” with us in living out the blue print of many more new journeys in many more communities to come.




Objectives overview


In general the organisation aims to mobilise communities to follow the example of Jesus Christ our Savour and King through spreading of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, providing in the needs of the poor, the sick and caring for the weak and desolate.  Our objectives will be to work in collaboration with other individuals, organisations and the Christian community to spread the love of Jesus in Klawer and surrounding communities.  The organisation aims to establish sustainable outreach and upliftment projects as well as ad hoc outreaches in accordance with its biblical objectives in identified areas.


The organisation’s main objectives as a whole are to


  1. Serve our Lord Jesus Christ and discipleship;
  2. To build a place of worship;
  3. To develop the land with basic infrastructure; and
  4. To farm the land and to use the fruits / proceeds for the purpose and work in God’s Kingdom.


Sow a seed

Journey's End, First National Bank, Cheque account: 62475160265, FNB Willowbridge (210 655)


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