Jesus in Action


Jesus in Action" (“JiA”) is a Christian movement motivated by the love of Jesus. By being His hands extended we build bridges across human boundaries and call on all Christians to share His love in our communities in unity, as the body of Christ.


JiA started in the Cape Peninsula and more specifically in our community of Brackenfell.  Since 2010, JiA mobilised hundreds of Christians to share the Love of Christ.  The Lord provided abundantly and blessed us with many testimonies and we give all the glory to Him!


JiA entails:


• The joint mass outreach in your community during October each year; and
• The continuation of sustainable projects in each community, built on the Love of Jesus.  


How can you get involved?


1.  Cover your community with prayer!


Divide your community into prayer blocks with a comfortable walking distance. Prayer teams pray for households, schools, businesses and strategic points under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


2.  Cover the gates of your community!

Serve at the busiest traffic intersections and fuel station teams consist of one volunteer for each attendant who does one hour's duty helping to wash car windows and check tyre pressure. Volunteers do not handle cash or fuel or any aspect under the hood of the vehicle. Provide attendants with a cooked meal, evangelise and share the love of Jesus!


3.  Take back our streets in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ!

With willing feet all JIA volunteers participate in a procession as a fun family project. The purpose is to create awareness and share His Love in a visible way.  During the JiA outreach weekend hundreds of volunteers demonstrate the Love of Jesus with thousands of poor and needy brothers and sisters in and around our communities.   Let’s take our streets back in Jesus name!


4.    Live the gospel of Love!  

Reached out to needy households, different homes for the elderly, orphanages and the homeless within your area, surrounding communities and other areas.


5.  God will provide! 


During JiA 2013 the Lord blessed us with joint mass outreaches to 35 different ministry points including approximately 10 homes for the elderly, 3 houses for disabled, 6 orphanages and crèches, the SAPS, hospitals, homeless and needy families in and surrounding our community. Previous outreach points embarked on their own JiA outreaches. From a nil budget the Lord blessed us with 1 ton discipleship literature for youth and adults, 2000 fizzers, 2000 chips packets, 1700 full JiA boxes, 650 mixed boxes, 78 vegetable and fruit boxes, 950 spoil packets for the elderly, 240 litre fruit juice and last but not the least 6000 balanced Shiloh meals. The abundant provision of our Lord in the midst of difficult economic circumstances is truly a testimony on its own. We also thank you Lord that you made it possible to build Katie’s house.


6. Unity in Christ!  


Forge new relationships and networks through the Holy Spirit with communal suppers, prayer, fasting, praise and worship across human boundaries.  JiA invites all Christians to share the Love of Jesus in your community during October each year.  Join us in fasting on the Thursday prior to the JiA weekend seeking intimacy with God and for breakthroughs in strongholds. Let the Love of Jesus change the heart of our communities.  


7. Praise the Lord!

We thank you Lord for your new covenant of love, mercy, grace and salvation.  May everything we do and testify glorify His name?  His wave of love will restore faith, hope and heal our land!  Believe with us that Jesus is the only truth, the way and the life for the entire human race.


One Body ...  One Spirit ...  One Hope ...  One Lord ... One Faith ...  One Baptism ...  One God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all!  



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